We Provide You with traditional & digital media services, content development, graphic design & motion graphics, in addition to managing your digital brand on social media and across the world wide web, hence we develop and manage PR and CSR initiatives.

On the other hand we also provide Consultancy and Training services in Digital Marketing empowering you and your team with the proper frameworks.

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From Web Apps to Enterprise solutions we provide Start ups, SMEs & Enterprises with a Product line that can be hosted on our Cloud services or self hosted on your premises, Our Main products are:

  1. Mohtawa, Web App CMS.
  2. Nadwoor, Social Intranet & Knowledge Base.
  3. Matjrey, eCommerce & Marketplace.
  4. Banooon, Learning Management System.
  5. Edara, Customer Relationship Management System.
  6. Mawared HRMS, Human Resources Management System.
  7. Massar ERP, Workflows and operations automation.
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Our Business & People division provides Managed services & Consultancy for various disciplines such HR Management, Transformation Initiatives, Change Management, Internal Communications, Corporate Communications & Managed Marketing services.

In addition we support OSR “Online Social Responsibility” where we empower and lend our expertise to support public, community & Government driven initiatives.

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Transparent Pricing

We Always try to give a competitive pricing to our respected customers, we even have all of our base prices available online in our Marketplace.

One Stop Shop

The Aim is to have a one stop business digital shop, making your choices easier and from one provider as your business operating system.

Long Term Relation

Our aim is to develop and sustain our relationship with customers and partners  by providing value to there business allowing us to Grow Together.

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