Ohjiya X

The Impossible is not saudi 

Ohjiya X is a division spiclized in R&D in AI Machine Learning & Voice Assistant Technology, We aim to democrtize AI and make it a common technology standrd for all businesses with affordable adaptation cost.


Ohjiya X Mission

To speed up the adptation of AI across the MENA region via multiple product applicaitons to serve both the public & privite sectors.

Ohjiya X Projects

Discover our AI based projects to serve your business, we are undertaken continues development.

Layla | Machine Learning

Layla is a Machine learning agent that operates on any device  with full understanding of both text & voice, that can take actions and answer qustions with ease.

Friday | AI Voice Assistance

Friday is your Personal or business Assistance, you can creare profiles or customize existing one to allow Friday to support you based on the desired AI profile.

Oden | Business Deep Learning

Knowledge Wiki integrated with Business Deep learning, Oden is a full end to end business solution allowing organizations to introduce cutting edge communications expirence.

Galactic II | AI Based Cloud

Galactic is the Cloud Infrastructer for Ohjiya, With Galactic II we intrdouce AI to assist you autoscale your cloud services and needs as you go, Galactic II simply optmize everything IT.

Sparta | AI Manpower

Ever wanted to create multiple digital touch points integrated with  multiple systems, preforming complecated human based tasks, allowing minamization of customer effort.

Hekmah | Deep Learning

Hekmah is a Deep Learning project aiming to observe multiple industries and disciplines, Hekmah is a Public Project and to become an Open Source Project by 2022.

Why we do care about ai & machine Learning

In Ohjiya we Managed to minamize the cost of Web Platform, entrprise systems & Mobile Apps, And we aim to do the same but with AI & Machine Learning.

As We belive that such technologies can assist in boosting the domestic & regional economies and allow the MENA region to compete in this domain.

We Aim by 2022 to Venture into Bonyan a Robotics and IoT Division to complment Ohjiya X,


Join the reserch efforts, or procure the technology.