Al Mekalees Your Site Simplified

Get Your Website in a few steps, we get you your Website delivered in a period from 24 hours up to 10 Working Days, Dream it … Now Build it!

Your Own Admin Panel

Get Full control, add pages, posts, users and customize anything you need.

Security Certified

Your Site is secured with a FREE SSL certificate to protect your website.

Analytics Ready Site

You Get Google Site Kit inside your Website admin panel in addition to other advanced analytics.


Frequently Asked

How I can Obtain this Offer?

You can easily obtain the offer by visiting the Promotion Wizard, you can add additional features and services from the same setup wizard.

How Long will it Take to Get my Website?

When you obtain the offer you will get a cloud hosting + Basic website including the admin panel, this can happen under 24 Hours, in case you add additional features and had content to move or develop this process may take up to 10 Working Days.

Can I Change things on my Website without getting back to Ohjiya?

Absolutely, You can manage your Website with ease as it was built as a simple CMS that you can deal with, you can do multiple things from your Admin Panel depending on the activated features.

What if i wanted to add a user like customer or admin, and can i control what they see and Do?

Yes, you can add multiple users to your website with different roles, as subscribers, editors, authors & Admins each role was custom do certain tasks, in addition, you can request the creation of a new role.

What Can i Add on Top of my Website?

Your Website can be your informative marketing outlet or can go beyond to manage your business and leads to potential clients, sell online your products or Digital downloads, you name it, it can be done.

What Services i can obtain under This Promotion?

You will be able to add technical support services and Website Management services, depending on your needs and for the period of time, you set.

Can you Tell Me more about the Pricing, is it Good price comparing to Market?

The Pricing of a website always depend on multiple factors such:

  1. Hosting.
  2. Quality of UI&UX of the CMS & Admin.
  3. The number of features and abilities.
  4. The Developer/Agency Track records and clients list.

Our Aim in Ohjiya is to provide low-cost pricing for projects and small businesses that do not have an allocated big budget for IT or Marketing.

How long My Site will be working and will you charge me in the Future?

You, Will, get this offer for One Year, after that you can renew with the same amount within 15 Days from expiry, you also can request to move your site to the different hosting company at any time.

Promotion benfits

Business Rules

Targeted Audience

Only Small businesses, start up’s, home grown projects, individual professionals are included in this offer.

Cloud Hosting

Free Cloud hosting to accommodate your business needs, Secured from Cloud end and in addition it provides your Website with SSL certificate.

Your Admin Panel

Admin Panel allows you to take full control over your Website to add users, pages, posts using The Visual Builder and Many pre-made Themes, 

Add Ons

You, Will, get a Basic Website with the ability to upgraded from a variety of add ons, including online shop, Booking, and many other abilities.

Support Services

Obtain Ohjiya support services for a minimum of 2 months and up to 12 months, discounted rates apply for 6 months and above.

Care & Support

You will get access to our Customer Care Portal to be able to get support, inquires, view learning content and manage your account and add-ons.

Ready to Go Live with Your Website?

Now you can Start your joureny towards building your personal or business website to reach more audience and manage and expand your business online.

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